Ringtons Leaf Teas (Pot)

Jasmine Snowflakes Tea £2.20

Green ShenCha Loose Tea £2.20

China Rose Loose Leaf Tea £2.20

Aged Black Pu Er Loose Tea £2.20

Strawberries & Cream Loose Tea £2.20

Ringtons Classic 1907 Blend Loose Tea £2.20

Ringtons Leaf Teas (Pot)

Pure Loose Redbush Tea £2.20

Pure Phulbari Assam Loose Tea £2.20

Snowflower Earl Grey Loose Tea £2.20

Ceylon Orange Pekoe Loose Tea £2.20

Samovar Orange Spice Loose Tea £2.20

Green Dragon (Ginger Flavour) Loose Tea £2.20

Ringtons Teas (Pot)

Mint Tea £1.80

London Fog £2.40

Earl Grey Tea £1.80

Camomile Tea £1.80

Decaffeinated Tea £1.80

English Breakfast Tea £1.80

Established in 1907, Ringtons is a family business that started life as a doorstep delivery service selling tea to the North East. Now a fifth generation family business they still remain true to their values and blend all of their tea in house.

All loose leaf tea is for sale £4.95 (125g bag)


Mocha £2.80

Espresso £1.50

Latte £2.40 (8oz)

Americano £1.80 (8oz)

Cappuccino £2.40 (8oz)

Weekend Special Irish Cream Latte £3.20

Macchiato £1.80

Double Espresso £1.90

Large Latte £2.80 (12 oz)

Large Americana £2.20 (12 oz)

Large Cappuccino £2.80 (12oz)

Decaffeinated Coffee Available

Hot Chocolate £2.40

Flat White £2.40 (8oz)

Bulletproof Coffee £2.80 (12oz)

Flavoured Coffee (Chocolate, Irish Cream,

Caramel, Amaretto, Vanilla) £2.90 (8oz)


Any additional shot £0.40, Soya Milk Extra £0.20, any additional flavour syrup £0.50, Whipped Cream £0.30, Mini Marshmallows £0.30

We now use Gama Espresso (Matthew Algie)

Gama Espresso is a bold, dark roast. The intense flavours stand out unashamedly in an Espresso but soften superbly in milk.

Soft Drinks

Fresh Apple Juice 275ml £1.50

Fresh Orange Juice 275ml £1.50

Fentimans Cherry Tree Cola 275ml £2.00

Fentimans Traditional Ginger Beer 275ml £2.00

Fentimans Victorian/Rose Lemonade 275ml £2.00

Fentimans Orange 275ml £2.00

Can Tango Orange 330ml £1.20

Can Coca Cola/Diet Coca 330ml £1.20

Can 7up Lemonade/Diet 7up 330ml £1.20

Glass of Milk 275mm £1.20

Fruit Shoots Blackcurrant £1.50

Spring Bourne Still Water 500ml £1.50

Spring Bourne Sparking Water 500ml £1.50